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*W E L C O M E*


Welcome to my website!
On this home page I'll introduce you to my mission and highlight important areas on this site.
Website has been going thou many changes this past month.  One that you'll notice is there is an NEW page that I've added called *PROGRESSIVE HISTORY*.
Go and check out NEW page, *PROGRESSIVE WEBRINGS*  More great information avalable on other sites.  Go and check "EM" out.

New page, check out *PROG-ARTIST RADIO*.  This page is radio stations for the artist themselves.  There are six now and MORE are coming soon.

NEW page navigation buttons, these buttons are easyer to read.  I'm not completly satasfied with them, they could be better, so you can look for some new ones soon.

COMING SOON, JAVA Buttons that light UP.

The NEW Logo is up, it's a little differint then the first one.  But it dose fit the theme of the website a little better.

NEW page, look in "In God We Trust".  It's still under constaction, I'm not done withit as of yet.

NEW page, check out "Prog-Art Gallery".  Great art work pictures.  Pretty cool stuff.  If you have any pictures that you would like to add to this gallery, just let me know.