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On this page I will describe my background and philosophy.

My Mission is to help Artist who work hard and want there music heard.

My History: I started with MP3.COM were discovered so many Artist that was lost at first.  But as I really started listening to alote of them, I could not beleive that alot of these Bands were not sighed to a lable.  I've always been a big fan of bands like (DREAM THEATER), (YES), (QUEENSRYCHE) and (RUSH).  Bands that fall under the title of Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal, and when I heard the other bands that fall under the same genere, I fliped.  As I studied MP3.COM closser, I found out that you could do broudcasting and radio stations for them.  Them I did my first station call (Prog-Scape Net-Radio), but I changed it when I found out the was another Prog website under the same name.  So I changed the name and  (PROGRESSIVE MUSIC WORKS INTERNET RADIO) was born.  The website came last and I'll keep working to make it better.  So far there are a tototalf 10 Stations in all.  Soon I hope start a 24 hour Broadcast on the web so that these bands can be heard all the time.
Everyone else has a web site, so I figured, why not me too? On this site I'll describe myself and share my interests and ideas.
In the last year, MP3.COM went under the knife, new programing and all.  The change has takin away the Stations that gave you the option of doing stations.  Sad but true.  But I'm fighting for cause I started out to do.  I'm working on staring a new and real internet radio station.