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Artist description
Innocent Exile believes in honesty and integrity in music. They believe in self expression of what they know and love: rock and heavy metal. Innocent Exile will not give a two or three minute bit, but rather a musical journey that will challenge all your musical senses. Their lyrical content is both positive and thought provoking with a little fantasy at times. Musically, Innocent Exile promotes melody and harmony. They do this through twin guitars and complimentary bass lines. The intent is to combine power, passion, and aggression into one so that you can feel, think, and of course, headbang. Innocent Exile is straight ahead no-nonsense, no-bull-sh*t music. They play what is in their hearts and in their blood; never concerned with what is cool or in style. When you see Innocent Exile on stage you will get a full frontal musical assault. They will look you in the eye and let you know they are on stage playing for YOU, the fans. They rely on their music, adrenaline, and you, the fans.

Music Style
Heavy Metal

Musical Influences
Steve Harris, Neil Peart, Kai Hansen, Rush, The Cult, Les Claypool, Rod Morganstein, King Dianmond, Dennis DeYoung and other rock and heavy metal

Similar Artists
Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Thin Lizzy, Stryper

Artist History
Innocent Exile began in the late summer of 1999 when Cesar Flores encouraged Gil Barrera to start a band using the original material that Gil Barrera had worked up. Both began rehearsing at Gil's house, getting acquianted with the material. Soon after, they decided to look for a drummer. Gil suggested they call an old high school chum of his named Sal Rodriguez. Sal came in and started rehearsing with the duo. During these first rehearsals, "Sea of Tranquility" was ironed out. Gil Barrera began finishing off the song ideas he had and soon the Exiles had a respectable set list to call themselves an original band. Gil Barrera was handling the vocal duties while they kept on the look out for a competent song bird. Innocent Exile's first vocalist came in the form of one John "Wolf" Skidmore. Wolf was actually on the prowl for a drummer for his own band Twilight Symphony. Wolf liked the Exile's music so he stayed on. Wolf stayed on long enough to be part of Innocemt Exile's first gigs, Including their debut gig at a now defunct club called Wasted Generation. That whole evening was captured on home video, courtesy of Wolf. After John Wolf departed to attend to Twilight Symphony, the Exiles set out to find a new front vox. They found their new voice in the shape of one Ruben Reyes. Gil was at a local rock affair downing some suds and asking the drummer Marcos of the Cantina Flies if he knew a vocalist. It turned out that sitting the crowd was Ruben, who had tried out for the Cantina Flies. So Marco introduced Ruben and Gil. Later Ruben came in for an audition. Warming up to STYXs' "Come Sail Away", he sang a few verses and got the gig on the spot. Lots of rehearsal time followed as well as gigs here and there around El Paso's east side and the dreaded lower valley. The Exiles went into the studio in late spring/early summer of 2001 to record their set which now included seven full throttle tracks. The recording sessions at Rosewood Studios lasted about three months. There were a few glitches here and there but it was nothing the Exiles couldn't overcome. Mike Major procuced, mixed, and engineered the record (and did a fine job of it) with input from Barrera and the board savvy Flores. Even Sal got to sit in the producer's chair while the rest of the boy's "sung" the backing vocal tracks. More gigs followed the recording sessions and the Exile's managed to sell a modest amount of the demo versions of their forthcoming release. In the year that followed, Innocent Exile hooked up with Evolution Productions to produce the cd book. And we are happy to announce that as you read this, the cd will be on its way. Full color inserts, lyrics, pics, and cool graphic. And of course, the most important element, the music: all the great things that make up a true heavy metal album. See you on the road and all the best-- Innocent Exile "ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER" --Bill Gazarri

Group Members
Ruben Reyes--lead vocals Cesar Flores--bass and vocals Sal Rodriguez--drums Gil Barrera--guitar and vocals

Ibanez; Marshall; JB Player; Hartke; Gallien Kruger; Mapex; Zildjian

Forthcoming self-titled release

Press Reviews

Additional Info
If you would like more info about Innocent Exile, email us at Innocent Exile are managed exclusively by Nacho Ramirez for Torch productions; El Paso, Texas

El Paso, Texas - USA

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