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The Journey Of Qwestion

And what a journey its been! One day in Hattiesburg, MS, in some old office buildings converted to practice rooms, Mike Griffith and Vincent Hall, were jamming away when they decided it was time for a break. It will be a break that they will forever remember, for because of it they were introduced to a guitar player named John Hall.

John had just moved to Hattiesburg with his whole family and had been playing with a band a few offices down from ours. We had never heard the sounds that were coming from that office and our curiosity was too much. We had to see what we were hearing and so we went to check it out. Once we entered the room, the music stopped and we were introduced. We knew that we wanted to jam with him, so we asked the other band members if they wouldnt mind us sitting in with him for a quick jam. Instantly we all knew that his equipment was in the wrong office, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But, as usual, life had some bumps in the road for the newly formed Hall and Griffith Project. After just a short year, and many killer songs later, the trio had the rug yanked out from under their magic carpet ride. John and his family, for reasons beyond his control, moved back to his hometown of Muskegon, MI. Mike and Vincent, while remaining friends, went down separate musical paths. Vincent would go on to play in Curbfeeler and move to Atlanta, GA. Mike would move on to play in Famine, play a supporting role in Vincents band Curbfeeler, and eventually move to Midland, TX.

After several years, Mike got a phone call from John. The whole conversation wasnt all about music, but they would be planting the seed that would eventually grow into a reunion. But they were musicians, not gardeners, and that seed would not be realized for a couple more years. Mike would move to Arlington, TX, then Anaconda, MT. While in Montana, Mikes Grandfather was killed in an auto accident, and he went to take care of his Grandmother in Mahnomen, MN.

But that seed was not to be deprived of life, and in the summer of 1999, Mike was finally able to make the move to Muskegon, MI, and harvest the fruits of their reunion. It didnt take long for the old friends to start right where the left off. They eagerly began recording the material which would eventually become their debut album y.

While their reunion had its trials and tribulations, their music was not to be denied, and nearly four years later, on July 17th, 2002, their musical journey had come to fruition in the form of Qwestion and the release of their debut album y.

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Artist description
Qwestion is Progressive Tech-Metal showing off completely different sounds, different patterns, and, most importantly, different moods.

Music Style
Progressive Tech-Metal

Musical Influences
Dream Theater, Symphony X, NIN, Rush, Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine

Similar Artists
A little of all the aforementioned.

Group Members
Mike Griffith - Bass John Hall - Guitar Drums - TBD


Muskegon, MI - USA